API Library


The key to secure access to all APIs.


All data on Italian and European companies in one API

Chamber of Commerce Company Registrations

Chamber of Commerce Company Registration of any Italian company in real time and without search costs


All reports and data to verify the reliability of private and legal entities

Video Id

Video Identification in Automatic or Operator-assisted Mode

Zip Codes

All updated data on zip codes, municipalities, provinces, regions via API


All official documents from Chamber of Commerce, INPS and Tax Agency

Italian cadastre

All cadastral data and property owners in Italy

SDI Electronic Invoicing

Electronic invoicing easy, fast and with high security standards

Italian Postal Service

All your mailings via API and in real time

Digital Signature

Digital, Electronic, Massive Signatures and Digital Identities all available in one API

Massive CEM

The easiest and most secure solution for sending your Massive CEMs


From street addresses to geographical coordinates (and vice versa) in just a second


All the latest information on cars, motorbikes, insurance available in real time and globally.


High-quality SMS with delivery reports, customised sender and real-time sending


The only API to transform HTML content into PDF, which also renders JavaScript code

Time Stamping

Date and time stamp any document

Italian certified e-mail

Legalmail CEM for sending communications and documents securely and with full legal value


Electronic Invoicing Solutions for Businesses, Professionals and Forfeiters


All the data for correctly estimating a property

Real Estate Valuer

The fundamental data for any effective property valuation!

Paying Bills

Bills payment via API and in real time

Exchange Rate

Check foreign currency exchange rates worldwide

.it Domains

The only API to activate and manage .it domains in real time


Build your global marketing database via API

Italian Real Estate Sales

All real estate sales data in Italy available via API


The API has been replaced by the new endpoints available in Company

European Vat

The API was replaced by the new /EU-start endpoint available in Company

Licence plates and Insurances

The API has been replaced by the endpoints available in Automotive


The API has been replaced by the endpoints available in Risk

Italian Public Administration

The API was replaced by the /IT-pa endpoint available in Company

Italian Split Payment Companies

The API was replaced by the /IT-splitpayment endpoint available in Company