Zip Codes

All updated data on zip codes, municipalities, provinces, regions via API

Check and get real-time information on Italian zip codes, Istat codes and respective municipalities. Official source Poste Italiane.

The Italian Municipalities Data service allows you to have accurate information on Italian postcodes, municipalities, provinces and regions in an instant.

Openapi provides different types of services for checking and updating zip code and territorial data, giving access to more and more detailed information.

These range from basic ones (such as ISTAT code of any Italian city and region, province, postcode) to much more in-depth ones on:

  • Municipalities (e.g. area code, number of residents, address of town hall, Certified e-mail)
  • Suppressed municipalities (e.g. ISTAT code, tax code, region)
  • Metropolitan cities (e.g. population, area, density etc.)
  • Regions (e.g. residents, president, Certified e-mail)
  • Provinces (e.g. abbreviation, area, number of municipalities)

The data are the official ones from Poste Italiane and are updated 4 time a year. They are all available via API and the database can be accessed entirely on demand. 

Used by hundreds of ecommerce companies with thousands of transactions per day, the service is very popular because it simplifies the processes of filling in shipping and invoicing forms. For example, with the “Search Municipalities Basic”, once the user enters the zip code in the form, province and city data can be filled in automatically. All this without manual errors or input typos.

This considerably speeds up data entry activities, which would otherwise require time-consuming manual work.