Electronic Invoicing Solutions for Businesses, Professionals and Forfeiters

Activate via API and in seconds Legalinvoice, the B2B and PA Electronic Invoicing software.

The Legalinvoice software is designed for both businesses and professionals, including intermediaries and forfeiters.
With the Legalinvoice API it is possible to activate, renew, add new electronic invoices or manage multi-company (for intermediaries).

Legalinvoice allows for example:
  • the issuing of B2B and PA electronic invoices
  • the sending and receiving of electronic invoices in accordance with regulations via the interchange system (SDI)
  • automatic storage of electronic documents sent via SDI
  • fully automatic digital signature of invoices
The PRO version includes several features, such as a dashboard for control and verification, timely and massive import of XML invoices generated by ERP or ER systems, and massive export of data and invoices.
Legalinvoice Go! on the other hand, is the Start version optimised for VAT holders under the flat-rate scheme (RF19) and the minimal regime (RF02) and offers a simplified version of electronic invoice management designed for professionals.