Italian Postal Service

All your mailings via API and in real time

Automate the sending of documents, registered mail, telegrams, advertisements with Post Office.

Simplify processes and reduce shipping time and costs with API-based management of your correspondence.

You can integrate all of Poste Italiane's main services to your systems and eliminate manual tasks. 

Post Office allows you to send in real time:
  • Regular Mail (Posta 4)
  • Priority Mail (Post 1)
  • Massive Mail 
  • Telegrams
  • Online Registered Mail
  • Smart Registered Mail

The service guarantees 24-hour acceptance, 365 days a year, thus including holidays (unlike physical post offices).

After being sent digitally via API, the correspondence will be printed, enveloped and delivered and will have the same legal value as traditional correspondence.

You can send to one or more recipients and up to 100 pages.  Delivery time depends on the service selected and is from 24 hours. 

There is no activation cost or annual fee for the service.

All mailings are guaranteed by the quality of Poste Italiane.