SDI Electronic Invoicing

Electronic invoicing easy, fast and with high security standards

Automates sending, signing, receiving and digital storage of electronic invoices via API

With the SDI API you can manage the entire electronic invoicing workflow in real time, even for high volumes of invoices, all easily, quickly and extremely securely. API SDI also manages invoicing to the public administration.

Also manage invoicing to the Public Administration.

There are no activation costs, but you pay what you consume.

SDI offers maximum flexibility and allows you to choose the features and options that best suit your needs. It is in fact possible to:

  • send the XML invoice to the SDI Interchange System
  • append an electronic signature to the XML invoice (mandatory for electronic invoices to PA). A signed invoice has greater legal 'robustness' than an unsigned document
  • activate regulation-compliant storage for 10 years on active and passive electronic invoices (mandatory). The regulation-compliant storage available on Openapi complies with the eIDAS regulation and guarantees authenticity, integrity, reliability, readability and retrievability of invoices
  • perform the entire process of signing, sending to SDI and regulation-compliant storage via a single call
  • import active and passive invoices from other systems: if you are switching from an old system to the Openapi API you can import the history of active/passive invoices with the possibility of also sending them for storage
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