All data on Italian companies in a single API

With Company you have access to over 400 accurate, official and always up-to-date data on over 16 million Italian companies

Get real-time information on 100% of Italian companies: corporations, partnerships and sole proprietorships, active and closed.

With a single request you get all the data to assess the solvency and reliability of a customer or supplier, obtain all financial data on partners, undertake marketing activities to expand your customer portfolio.

Company's different endpoints allow access from single pieces of information, such as PEC/CEM (Certified Electronic Mail) or activity status, up to a complete dataset of over 400 pieces of information about the company.

Company is the only service to offer information via APIs such as recipient code and data of newly established and closed companies in real time.

Openapi provides access to official and proprietary data guaranteeing completeness, quality, security and constant updating.