All data on Italian and European companies in one API

With Company you access accurate, official and always up-to-date data on Italian and European companies.

The Company API allows you to verify any European company in real-time and obtain over 1.300 pieces of information about Italian companies.

The various endpoints of Company provide access not only to individual pieces of information, such as PEC, activity status, or verification of the European VAT identification number, but also to a complete dataset with over 1.300 pieces of information about Italian companies.

With just one request, you will be able to assess the solvency and reliability of a customer or supplier, obtain all financial data on partners, and undertake marketing activities to expand the customer portfolio.

Company does not only provide information on individual companies but, thanks to the Search service, also offers lists with enriched data of companies based on parameters such as ATECO or REA code, city or province, coordinates, turnover, number of employees, SDI code, legal form, and activity status.

Among the endpoints of the Company API, there are also 2 dedicated to the Italian public administration:
  • PA to check in real-time whether a VAT number / Tax Code belongs to a PA and obtain over 80 data points on the entity
  • Split Payment to check in real-time whether a single company is subject to this regime
Furthermore, Company also provides information on European companies through the EU Start service, which allows you to verify the validity of the VAT registration number and obtain some information about companies from all EU member states, even for companies not registered with VIES.

Company is the only service to offer information, via API and in real-time, such as the Destination Code and data on newly established or closed Italian companies.