Time Stamping

Date and time stamp any document

You will be able to validate computer documents directly through our API or purchase lots for your date attribution systems

Time Stamping allows you to attribute a certain date and time to any computer document.
It is possible, in a single service, to perform all these operations:
  • Purchase one or more lots of InfoCert or Aruba timestamps
  • Mark a document using your own timestamps lot with tsr or m7m format
  • Mark a document with tsr or m7m format, without having to purchase a lot or being in possession of one
  • Check availability of remaining marks in a lot
  • Check details, validity and correctness of a marked document
The procedure for marking or releasing batches of timestamps is immediate and the Infocert and Aruba timestamps - made available by the service - have European validity, as established by the eIDAS Regulation.

With the Time Stamping Service, you are guaranteed total control over your marking process. In fact, at any time you can check not only whether your document has been marked correctly, but also how many timestamps you still have. Based on this, you can quickly assess whether or not you need to purchase additional marks so as to complete the marking process in the best possible way.