Video Id

Video Identification in Automatic or Operator-assisted Mode

The perfect solution for digital onboarding activities, compliant verification, and remote contract processes.

The Video Identification API allows for remote identity verification.

All video recognition modes comply with eIDAS, Etsi, Banca d'Italia, and GDPR standards. They include automatic and real-time verification of documents through CRIMNET, the centralized platform of the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Justice, ensuring the absence of reports of theft, loss, or other issues.

The API offers three different video identification services:

1. Automatic Video Identification

This service allows users to independently complete the video identification process. The platform automatically performs checks using OCR systems and verifies photos and documents to validate user identity and liveness.

2. Video Identification with Asynchronous Operator Verification (Selfie)

In this service, users proceed independently with the identification process, but verification is no longer done automatically. Instead, it is carried out by back-office operators asynchronously.

3. Video Identification with Operator (Live)

This service involves the entire procedure being conducted live, with an operator verifying the user's identity in real-time.

Upon successful completion of any of the three video identification services, an audit trail and timestamp will be issued, providing legal evidence of the execution date and time from both the user's and the operator's perspectives.

The recognition procedure for all three services is highly flexible and customizable. It allows for customization of the identification interface (e.g., title, logo, text color, background) and the inclusion of a link to your privacy policy.

The Video Identification service is particularly useful for digital onboarding, customer verification, commercial operations, SIM activation, rentals, financial, and banking activities.