High-quality SMS with delivery reports, customised sender and real-time sending

Integrates via API the professional SMS sending service for authentication, notifications, reminders, alerts to single or multiple recipients

SMS provides access to certified, High Quality messages with customised sender and delivery reports. You can choose to send communications in real time or schedule them for a future date. Recipients can be single or multiple.

Message reception is guaranteed even in the absence of mobile traffic coverage, making SMS the perfect option for those who need to send instant and secure messages such as alerts, transactional messages, two-factor authentication, and referral availability. SMS has also been integrated for appointment reminders or school, corporate, utility, marketing and platform onboarding/activation communications.

Once the messages have been sent, it is possible to check at any time the list of items sent, with details of sender, content, number of recipients, general delivery statistics, costs.

Furthermore, from the message ID it is possible to obtain the data of the recipient(s) of an SMS (such as number, prefix, text received, sending status and description).