All data on Italian and European companies in one API

With Company you access accurate, official and always up-to-date data on Italian and European companies.

All the knowledge you need

Here you can find some advice to consider to approach this API. If you prefer, we provide code samples, OAS3 documentation, the ability to try the API live via the Swagger UI or import the entire collection into Postman. We also offer a Sandbox environment where you can experiment with all kinds of requests completely free of charge.

Useful tips to start with Company

Get the token in the appropriate section before you start.

Use the the online tool or generate it via API. Set the expire date, a usefull name and now add a bunch of scopes to limit the possible actions your token can do.

Get detailed company information from VAT number or tax code

Get company information with a single request using one of the available endpoints:
Each endpoint returns specific information, so you only pay for what you need.
If you want all the information at once, you can use  /IT-full.

Use the powerful search and data extraction tool

Here are some of the features of /IT-search:

  • Search by many combinable fields:
    • Geospatial: latitude - longitude - radius
    • Textual: companyName (also with wildcard)
    • Autocomplete: companyName (realtime and great for graphical interfaces)
    • Province
    • Municipality: Cadastral code (Belfiore)
    • Ateco code
    • Chamber of Commerce/REA
    • Turnover (minimum and maximum)
    • Employees (minimum and maximum)
    • SDI Code (Recipient Code declared for electronic invoicing)
    • Legal form (free list here: /IT-legalforms)
    • Employees (minimum and maximum)
    • Owners (tax code)
    • Pec
    • Creation date (to get only new companies)
    • Update date (to get only recently modified companies: new balance sheet submitted or change in name or address)
  • Get the number of available records for free using the "dryRun" option
  • Enrich the search by populating the results with the dataset you prefer in a single synchronous call using the "dataEnrichment" option
  • Pagination support with "skip" and "limit" options

Use these companies to test the Sandbox

At this address you will find a list of companies to use in the sandbox and still receive a complete dataset.