The key to secure access to all APIs.

Oauth is the authentication service for API usage and provides secure management of requests and integrations

All the knowledge you need

Here you can find some advice to consider to approach this API. If you prefer, we provide code samples, OAS3 documentation, the ability to try the API live via the Swagger UI or import the entire collection into Postman. We also offer a Sandbox environment where you can experiment with all kinds of requests completely free of charge.

Useful tips to start with Oauth

Check your APIkey in the appropriate section before you start.

Use your email and your APIkey to create your "Basic Auth" header and perform request on Tokens, Scopes, Credit and Counters

Create you first Token.

A token is a small key used to authenticate all your further requests to any API. It has 2 main attributes: "Scope" and "TTL". "Scopes" is a list of actions available from the authenticated request with the generated token. "TTL" defines the expiration date and time this Token will have. For security reasons it is better to set tokens to expire quickly.

Check your Credit via API.

We provide planty of configurations to setup alerts and notifications based on your remaining credit. SMS, EMAIL or the Autorecharge feature are available.
If you prefer, you can do it by your own using APIs.

Get your stats via API.

In each API you will find the "Usage" section where you can consult the usage status for each individual Scope through graphs and aggregated data.
In case you need raw usage data to build your dashboard or set up a usage-based notification system, we provide an endpoint specifically for this purpose.