Italian Split Payment Companies

The API was replaced by the /IT-splitpayment endpoint available in Company

For information on companies subject to Split Payment, discover the new API Company service

Deprecated starting from 2024-12-31

In the perspective of simplifying the service, the Split Payment API has been replaced by the new endpoint available in the Company API. The documentation will no longer be updated, and the API will be deprecated on 12/31/2024. Proceed with the migration from the Split Payment API to Company in just a few seconds!

With Split Payment you can verify an individual company or obtain the list of all companies subject to this regime, regardless of whether they are subsidiaries or public/private entities, such as Poste Italiane SPA or Leonardo SPA.

The following categories are included in the list:

  • De facto subsidiaries of the Prime Minister's Office and Ministries
  • Entities or companies controlled by Central Administrations
  • Entities or companies controlled by Local Administrations
  • Entities or companies controlled by the National Social Security and Welfare Agencies
  • Entities, foundations or companies owned for a total percentage of capital not less than 70 per cent, by the Public Administrations
  • Listed companies included in the FTSE MIB index of the Italian Stock Exchange

In addition to ascertaining the tax regime for individual companies, API also provides the full name, category and date of listing (DM).

Split Payment is used by many companies to determine when automatically invoicing purchases whether the invoice should be issued under split payment.

The data are updated daily.

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