The only API to transform HTML content into PDF, which also renders JavaScript code

Convert HTML web pages or URLs to high-quality PDF files quickly, accurately and reliably

All the knowledge you need

Here you can find some advice to consider to approach this API. If you prefer, we provide code samples, OAS3 documentation, the ability to try the API live via the Swagger UI or import the entire collection into Postman. We also offer a Sandbox environment where you can experiment with all kinds of requests completely free of charge.

Useful tips to start with PDF

Get the token in the appropriate section before you start.

Use the the online tool or generate it via API. Set the expire date, a usefull name and now add a bunch of scopes to limit the possible actions your token can do.
  • Oas file url https://console.openapi.com/oas/en/pdf.openapi.json
  • Fork or import with Postman
  • Production domain pdf.openapi.it
  • Sandbox domain test.pdf.openapi.it
  • Production Scopes 1
  • Sandbox Scopes 1
    • POST test.pdf.openapi.it/base