Real Estate Valuer

The fundamental data for any effective property valuation!

Get valuations, listings and demographic and market information on all properties in Italy via API

Valuer gives you access to a wealth of information on characteristics and trends in the property market and corresponding sales and rental values for an area.

With Valuer you can obtain

  • quotation of a property (minimum, maximum, average value) from an address and type of contract (sale/rent)

  • valuation using not only the address but also 17 additional parameters (e.g. covered square metres, terrace, garage, parking space, floor, lift). The evaluation will present 5 different values: low, medium-low, medium, medium-high, high

  • area information such as percentage of properties by size, dynamism index, demographic composition and time on market

The value of properties is calculated from the average quotations per square metre of the area, optimised by applying weighting coefficients, defined for example by the type and characteristics of the property.

The Valuer is a fundamental API for any effective property valuation and is already chosen by Networks, Real Estate Portals, Banks.