Italian Real Estate Sales

The API was replaced by the new endpoints available in Real Estate

Check the actual value of real estate with the actual buying and selling in a given area

Deprecated starting from 2025-12-31

In the perspective of internationalization and service simplification, the Italian Real Estate Sales API has been replaced by the new Real Estate API, where additional services dedicated to real estate information will be available. The documentation will no longer be updated, and the API will be deprecated on 31/12/2025. Proceed with the migration from the Sales API to Real Estate in just a few seconds!

Italian Real Estate Sales allows you to obtain data on actual purchases and sales within an area. You will therefore be able to access the actual purchase price and not the price indicated in e.g. property advertisements. 

The search is performed within an area, defined by the parameters 'starting point' and 'radius'.

It is possible to limit the search by parameters such as area, price, year and month of sales.  

The response includes trades with information such as property area name, size in square metres, cadastral category, commercial area, total price and per square metre, and month of deed.

The buys and sells are available from January 2019. The database is updated six months after registration. The data is updated quarterly to allow our operators to carry out a timely check and a better structuring of the data for proper use via API.

Please note: if the sale involves several properties, details of all properties will be available at the cost of a single response.